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21. Scutellum and mesoscutal midlobe (a1) with numerous evenly or irregularly distributed setae (scutellum with >3 pairs of setae in nearly all specimens). All funicular segments (b1) subquadrate to broader than long. Propodeum (c1) only slightly longer than dorsellum medially. Stigma unusually large and rounded (d1). Body usually weakly sclerotized, collapsing if air dried.

Dasyeulophus Schauff & LaSalle, 1993

21'. Scutellum (aa1), at least, with only 2 (very rarely 3) pairs of setae, and mesoscutal midlobe often with only paired setae. Usually at least some funicular segments longer than broad (except Microlycus and possibly some others). Propodeum (aa1) usually distinctly longer than dorsellum. Body often strongly sclerotized. Stigma (dd1) relatively much smaller.

couplet 22


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Image credits: aa1, dd1: Boucek (1988). b1, c1, d1: Schauff & LaSalle (1993).