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Eyes setose. Clypeal margin bilobed. Flagellum with 4 funicular and 2 claval segments, all funicular segments quadrate to broader than long. Stigma large, subequal postmarginal vein length. Notauli incomplete or ending in axillae far anterior to scutellar margin; scutellum and mesoscutum with numerous irregularly distributed setae (but scutellum often with as few as 2 pairs of distinct setae); dorsellum large and convex: propodeum only slightly longer than dorsellum medially. Compare with: Dimmockia, Microlycus.

dasyeulophus mesoscutum.JPG (26031 bytes) dasyeulophus_dorsal.JPG (26207 bytes)
1a-b: Dasyeulophus mesoscutum (left), and dorsal habitus (right)

dasyeulophus propodeum.JPG (19574 bytes) dasyeulophus clypeal margin.JPG (21719 bytes)
2a-b: Dasyeulophus propodeum (left), and clypeal margin (right)

dasyeulophus wing.JPG (25082 bytes)dasyeulophus_f_ant.JPG (10214 bytes)
3a-b: Dasyeulophus forewing (left), and female antenna (right)

Biology: Parasitoids of Gelechiidae.

Comments: 1 described species: D. gelechiae (Miller). The number of scutellar setae is especially variable, being as few as 2 pairs in a few specimens. The genus remains easily recognizable using a combination of its other listed characters. There are few Nearctic Eulophines with a similar body form, but bodily collapse is very frequent in specimens of this genus, and may render them difficult to identify by beginners. It is similar in habitus to certain extralimital genera, such as Eulophinusia, but differs in several characters stated above.

Comparative information:

Dimmockia: Mesoscutum with paired, regularly placed, setae. Propodeum with strong plicae and median carina. Stigma not enlarged. Similar mainly in clypeal form.

Microlycus: Stigma not enlarged. Clypeus not bilobed. 3 funicular segments in females and some males. Scutellum never with more than 2 pairs of setae.

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Schauff, M.E. & J. LaSalle. 1993. Nomenclatural notes on genera of North American Eulophidae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea). Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington. 95(3): 488-503.

Image credits: 1a, 2a-b, 3a-b: Schauff & LaSalle (1993).