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10. Stigma elongate, (a1, a2) with uncus arising much more than its own length from stigmal apex. Flagellar formula 2,3,2 (b1) or 2,4,1 (b2) in males and females. Scutellum (c1) without dorsal grooves or with parallel submedian grooves [not the axillular grooves] that are very close together.

Aulogymnus Förster, 1851

10'. Stigma not elongate, with uncus arising its own length or less from stigmal apex. Flagellum (bb1) usually with 6 or more distinct segments past the anelli, but club sometimes apparently fused into one segment. Scutellum usually with sublateral grooves, without grooves, or with parallel grooves (cc1) that are far apart. [Best approach: Use one or more of these characters must be used to exclude these species from being Aulogymnus]

couplet 11



aulogymnus asarmes forewing.JPG (12466 bytes) aulogymnus_trilineatus2.JPG (16952 bytes)

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c1 cc1
aulogymnus skianeuros antennae.JPG (13216 bytes) aulogymnus gallarum antenna.JPG (9682 bytes) paraolinx female antenna.JPG (10345 bytes) aulogymnus mesosoma.JPG (14013 bytes) miotropis mesosoma.JPG (25566 bytes)

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Image credits: a1-2, b1-2: Pujade i Villar (1991), a2 modified. bb1: Miller (1964). c1: Askew (1968). cc1: Schauff, et al. (1997).