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18. Mandibles reduced (a1), not capable of meeting medially. Basal metatarsal segment (b1) shorter than 2nd segment, subequal or shorter than mesotibial spur. Flagellum usually 3-segmented in females (c1) (always 4-segmented in males). Postmarginal vein subequal or slightly longer than stigmal vein (at most 1.7x stigmal vein length).

Eulophus Geoffroy, 1762

18'. Mandibles not strongly reduced (aa1), capable of meeting medially. Basal metatarsal segment equal or longer than second metatarsal segment and metatibial spur. Flagellum often 4-segmented in females (3-segmented in male Colpoclypeus). Postmarginal vein (dd1) often more than 1.7x stigmal vein length.

couplet 19


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Image credits: a1, aa1: Schauff, et al. (1997). c1: Askew (1968). dd1: Boucek (1988)