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18. Scutellum strongly reticulate (a1), sublateral grooves present posteriorly, curving to meet anterior to scutellar apex. Clypeal margin (b1) distinctly convex and all funicular segments quadrate or broader than long (b2). Propodeum (c1) with strongly elevated median panels (median panels of propodeum raised sharply above supracoxal flange and areas lateral to plicae), bearing 1 lateral seta and forming tooth-like elevation at posterior corner. Extremely poorly known genus, very rare in Nearctic.

Grotiusomyia Girault, 1917

18'. Scutellum (aa1) usually not reticulate, and never with sublateral grooves fainter or absent anteriorly while complete posteriorly (completely absent in many, not meeting posteriorly in Miotropis). Clypeal margin (bb1) often straight or slightly concave. Usually some or all funicular segments longer than broad. Propodeal plicae (aa1) not forming special elevation.

couplet 19



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Image credits: aa1: Schauff (1985c). bb1: Schauff, et al. (1997).