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1. Forewing (a1) very narrow, with fringe setae longer than maximum width of forewing membrane. Scape (b1) grossly swollen in males (only in G. shakespearei, the only species known from the Nearctic).

Goetheana Girault, 1920

1'. Forewing (aa1) not so narrow, much broader (at least 2x broader) than length of longest fringe setae. Scape rarely swollen (notable exception is some male Ceranisus).

couplet 2


aa1 b1
goetheana wing.JPG (21097 bytes) ceranisus wing.JPG (21113 bytes) goetheana male antenna.JPG (16225 bytes)

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Information on this page corrected by Serguei V. Triapitsyn (June 14, 2002).

Image credits: a1, aa1, b1: Schauff (1991).