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13. Propodeum (a1-a3) with raised median strip or triangle flanked by a sunken area, nucha in most species long and sculpted, and pronotal collar not carinate. Vertex, when carinate medially, touching or nearly touching lateral ocelli.

Paracrias Ashmead, 1904

13'. Propodeum (aa1, aa2) weakly sculpted or entirely smooth, almost never with raised median strip, nucha short and unsculpted.

couplet 14


a2 a3
paracrias arizonensis propodeum.JPG (19316 bytes) paracrias strii propodeum.JPG (22225 bytes) paracrias anthonomi propodeum.JPG (18943 bytes)

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chrysocharis acutigaster propodeum.JPG (23768 bytes) chrysocharis crassiscapus propodeum.JPG (27914 bytes)

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Image credits: a1, a2: Schauff (1985a). a3: Woolley & Schauff (1987). aa1: aa2: Hansson (1985a).