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13. Mandibles (a1) very long and narrow, with several tiny dorsal teeth and 2 large apical ones. Gena (b1) with strong incision for base of mandible to fit into when open; scrobal grooves (c1: g) extending below toruli. Scape with sensory pores present only at apex in males (requires slide mounting). Males with subbasal pale spot on gaster. Ovipositor very short, its base very far posteriad.

Ionympha Graham, 1959

13'. Mandibles not long and narrow, with 2 or 3 equal teeth (or without teeth) and without tiny dorsal teeth (except in some Chrysocharis, which do not share any of the other characters given above). Gena without strong lateral incision; scrobal grooves not extending below toruli in most species. Scape in males usually with sensory pores along its entire length (except Closterocerus). Color variable. Ovipositor length usually only slightly less than gastral length.

couplet 14



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Image credits: a1, b1, c1: Hansson (1996b).