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27. Peg sensilla of flagellum (a1: sa) symmetrical, mushroom-shaped (requires slide-mounting). Forewing with no fuscate areas other than a dark spot near stigma. Transepimeral sulcus (groove separating upper mesepimeron from lower mesepimeron) usually weakly curved dorsad (b1). Mesoscutal midlobe with 2 pairs of setae.

Neochrysocharis Kurdjumov, 1912

27'. Peg sensilla of flagellum (aa1-2: sa) asymmetrical. Forewing often with fuscate stripes (cc1) or other strong patterns. Transepimeral sulcus usually strongly curved, arching posteriad (bb1). Mesoscutal midlobe sometimes with 1 pair of setae (the posterior pair).

Closterocerus Westwood, 1833


aa1 aa2
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Image credits: a1, aa1-2: Hansson (1996a). b1, bb1: Hansson (1990). cc1: Schauff (1991).