Key to the Nearctic genera of Eulophidae, subfamilies: Entedoninae, Euderinae, and Eulophinae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea).

Roger A. Burks
University of California, Riverside

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This key will always be a work in progress. It is currently designed to aid in the identification of Nearctic Eulophids of the subfamilies Eulophinae, Euderinae, and Entedoninae. The unplaced Chalcidoid genus Cales is also included because of its similarity to Eulophids, but this is not to be taken as a recommendation for its placement in Eulophidae. A key to the subfamily Tetrastichinae may be included at a future date, but it presented too many logistic difficulties to be completed at this time, and Nearctic genera of Tetrastichinae can be identified with minimum difficulty using they keys published by LaSalle (1994) and Schauff, LaSalle, & Coote (1997), consulting Schauff & Garrison (2000) for the only new Nearctic generic record of Tetrastichinae since 1997 that I am aware of. The key to subfamilies includes couplets for Tetrastichinae, to aid in recognizing the genera that are not currently included in the key. I also intend to eventually include all Eulophid genera worldwide in this key, but have not yet done so because of the extreme difficulty of acquiring reliably identified material of many genera described from the Neotropical, Ethiopian, Oriental, and Australasian regions. I hope that the appearance of this key in the Internet will help demonstrate to individuals with the authority to loan specimens from those regions that I am serious enough in my aims to justify their loaning specimens for this purpose.

Roger A. Burks
Entomology Dept.
University of California
Riverside, CA 92521