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References are given in my own preferred format. Indentation has been avoided in order to provide for maximum readability across different computer platforms and window sizes. Each genus page has its own reference list, and figures taken from these references are cited on each page they are displayed on. It is perhaps more appropriate to call the references listed on each genus page a "works consulted" list, since not all of these references contain material used in the diagnoses, but are the essential works that should be consulted by workers interested in a particular genus. There is additionally a master reference list of all works cited in this key. The master list is the one used in citing sources of figures in the key and introductory material.

The best source for catalogue information, such as host associations, plant associations, distribution, type locations, and exhaustive taxonomic references is the Universal Taxonomic Database by John Noyes. This is in a web form at and CD form from Taxapad ( I have made extensive use of this database in constructing this key, and it has proven invaluable in my work.