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1. Metacoxa grossly swollen and laterally flattened (a1). Scutellum with triangular, laminar posterior projection (b1). Metatibiae with short, stout setae arranged brush-like in either diamond-shaped patterns or parallel rows (a1). Body wedge-shaped. Forewing elongate and narrow, with marginal vein approaching submarginal vein length, many times longer than the very short stigmal and postmarginal veins.

Eulophinae: Elasmus Westwood, 1833

1'. Metacoxa not grossly swollen or flattened against body. Scutellum without laminate posterior projection. Metatibiae often with bristles and setae, but not arranged in patterns or tight rows. Body rarely wedge-shaped. Forewing usually not shaped as above, with submarginal vein usually longer to nearly as long as marginal vein; stigmal and postmarginal veins relatively longer.

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