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Funicle 3-segmented in females, in males 4-segmented and with three branches.
Notauli incomplete or ending in axillae far anteriad of scutellar margin; scutellum with triangular, laminate posterior projection, without dorsal grooves. Metacoxa grossly swollen and laterally flattened, tightly aligned with body throughout its length. Metatibiae with short, stout setae arranged brush-like in either diamond-shaped patterns or parallel rows. Forewing elongate and narrow, with marginal vein approaching submarginal vein length, many times longer than the very short stigmal vein. Body wedge-shaped. Compare with: Eriaporinae: Euryischia (extralimital).

Elasmus_polistis.JPG (64110 bytes) elasmus_dorsal2.JPG (43704 bytes)
1a-b: Elasmus polistis B.D. Burks habitus (left), and dorsal view of mesosoma (right), with laminar scutellar projection indicated

Biology: Most species are gregarious primary or secondary larval or pupal ectoparasitoids of Lepidoptera. Elasmus polistis B. Burks is an ectoparasitoid of Polistes Latreille.

Comments: Large genus. Very distinctive member of Eulophinae, and its placement there was confirmed only recently by molecular data (Gauthier, et al. 2000).

Comparative information:

Eriaporinae: Euryischia [extralimital]: Protibial spur stout and curved. Tarsal formula 5-5-5. Marginal vein shorter in relation to stigmal and postmarginal veins. Base of forewing bare except for stout setae. Flagellum never branched.


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