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2. Tiny (about 1mm), stout-bodied wasps (a1, a2) with mesoscutum (a1: m) very broad, essentially hiding pronotum from dorsal view and scutellum (a1: s) projecting posteriorly over metanotum and medial part of propodeum, hiding them from dorsal view. Notauli absent, but axillar grooves (axilla=a1: a) often resembling notauli curving at right angles; scutellum with 2 or more pairs of setae (which may be very tiny).

Entedoninae: Euderomphalini

2'. Usually larger wasps. Pronotum and medial part of propodeum almost never hidden from dorsal view, but if so, then notauli obvious and complete (aa1: n. Eprhopalotus) or indicated (aa2: n. Euderinae: Hubbardiella) only in posterior half of mesoscutum. Scutellum with 1 pair of setae in similarly tiny Entedoninae.

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Image credits: a1, a2: LaSalle & Schauff (1994). aa1: Schauff (1991). aa2: Schauff, et al (1997).