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7. Notauli (a1: n) complete as straight, deep, linear grooves. Scutellum usually with parallel submedian grooves (a1: g). Usually half or more of dorsal axillar surface (a1: a) advanced anteriad of scutellar margin.

some Tetrastichinae [Not keyed at this time. See Schauff, LaSalle, & Coote, 1997]

7'. Notauli almost always absent or incomplete, sometimes reaching scutellar margin as greatly broadened troughs or carinae converging sharply posteriorly (aa1), but if complete as vaguely or distinctly linear grooves (aa2: n) then scutellum without a pair of parallel grooves and less than half of dorsal axillar surface advanced anteriad of scutellar margin.

a very few exceptional Entedoninae

a1 aa1 aa2
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Image credits: a1: Schauff, et al. (1997). aa1-2: Schauff (1991).