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8. Propodeum with a pair of shallow anterior cavities (a1) revealing longitudinal wrinkle-like sculpture (sometimes the borders of the cavities are not evident). Face (b1) with transverse frontal groove straight or arched, not v-shaped; scrobal sulci uniting before reaching transverse fronto-facial groove. Lateral lobe of metanotum (sunken area between dorsellum and hind wing cavity) crossed by a longitudinal carina.

Emersonella Girault, 1916

8'. Propodeum carinae variable, but never with such wrinkle-like sculpture at the same spot. Lateral lobe of metanotum without carina. Face variable, but not as above in similar genera.

couplet 9




emersonella propodeum.JPG (19590 bytes) chrysocharis acoris propodeum.JPG (26285 bytes) pediobius foveolatus propodeum.JPG (15923 bytes)

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Image credits: a1, aa2, b1: Schauff (1991). aa1, bb1: Hansson (1985a).