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14. Pronotum subquadrate (a1), strongly defined and collar carinate. Mesoscutum reticulate, with many setae. 2 occipital carinae (b1), one faintly present near ocelli, the other strongly defined near occipital foramen.

Cristelacher Schauff & LaSalle, 1993

14'. Pronotum often not subquadrate, but if plausibly so (aa1, aa2) then collar not carinate. Mesoscutum seldom as above (known to be similar in some Elachertus). At most with 1 occipital carina.

couplet 15


aa1 aa2
cristelacher mesonotum.JPG (25770 bytes) hyssopus pronotum.JPG (19198 bytes) deutereulophus mesoscutum.JPG (21861 bytes)

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Image credits: Schauff, et al. (1997).