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29. Forewing disc (a1) almost always with fuscate cloud posterior to marginal and postmarginal veins [lost in some specimens]. Flagellum flattened (b1) and broadening apically in females, with 4 funicular segments (although 4th segment often appearing to be part of club], and postmarginal vein <2x stigmal vein length (c1) and propodeum with complete simple median carina, without plicae. Uncus separated by more than its own length from stigmal apex (c1). [Scape and coxae light tan to white (d1).]

Dahlbominus Hincks, 1945

29'. Either postmarginal vein >2x stigmal vein length, or flagellum with 3 funicular and 3 claval segments. Forewing usually without uniform fuscate cloud. Median propodeal carina often absent. Flagellum often cylindrical in females. Uncus often separated by less than its own length from stigmal apex. [Scape and coxae seldom light-colored, only in a few Sympiesis.]

couplet 30


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Image credits: b1: Schauff, et al. (1997).