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29. Propodeum (a1) shiny and smooth and with plicae and median carina. Mesoscutal midlobe (b1) with numerous unpaired setae.

Pnigalio Schrank, 1802 (a few species and reduced forms without costula)

29'. Propodeum well-sculpted (aa1), or transversely convex and weakly sculpted, median panels usually not smooth and shiny (if so then plicae and/or median carina lacking). Mesoscutal midlobe variable, sometimes with 2 parallel longitudinal rows of setae (bb1), sometimes with numerous unpaired setae.

couplet 30



pnigalio levis propodeum.JPG (26078 bytes) sympiesis ancylae propodeum.JPG (22949 bytes)

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b1 bb1
pnigalio_mesoscutum.JPG (35997 bytes) sympiesis mesosoma.JPG (13238 bytes)

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Image credits: a1, b1: Yoshimoto (1983). aa1: Miller (1970). bb1: Boucek (1988).