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Diglyphomorpha Ashmead, 1904 comparative info return to: prev home
4 funicular segments. Notauli complete though sometimes partially obscured by mesoscutal sculpture; scutellum with a sometimes faint median groove; with complete sublateral grooves converging, but not quite meeting, meeting posteriorly, their margins relatively sharp. Propodeum with irregular transverse rugae; plicae and median carina present. Compare with: Miotropis.

diglyphomorpha_mss.jpg (458602 bytes)
Diglyphomorpha scutellum and propodeum

diglyphomorpha_vert.jpg (260581 bytes)
Diglyphomorpha vertex and occiput


Comments: 1 described species: D. aurea (Howard). Part of a distinct group of Eulophines with complete notauli and a rugulose propodeum, specimens of this genus have been mischaracterized as having a more regular set of rugae than they really do.

Comparative information:

Miotropis: Certain species, formerly classified in Cirrospiloideus, with faint propodeal rugae, but these have very faint scutellar grooves that are not traceable past the posterior pair of setal sockets without very careful observation through high-resolution microscopes, and never have plicae. Scutellum never with a median longitudinal groove.

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