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19. [Males only, females with 2 funicular segments] Clypeal margin (a1) sharply incised and male antenna with 3 funicular segments, flagellar segments unbranched. Scutellum without submedian grooves. Metanotum strongly sculpted, and dorsellum crenulate/multidentate (c1). Propodeum (c1) with complete median carina and plicae.

Colpoclypeus Lucchese, 1941

19'. Clypeal margin usually not incised (only in Dasyeulophus and Dimmockia, with a lobed clypeal margin). Antenna almost always with 4 funicular segments in males [3 in a few Microlycus], almost always 2-3 of them branched (bb1). Metanotum usually smooth, never with crenulate dorsellum. Propodeum often with incomplete or absent median carina and plicae.

couplet 20



colpoclypeus face.JPG (16286 bytes) dimmockia male antenna.JPG (18285 bytes) colpoclypeus_dorsprop.JPG (18616 bytes)

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Image credits: a1: Askew (1968). bb1: Ikeda & Huber (1996)