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Notanisomorphella Girault, 1913 comparative info return to: prev home
Basal 3 funicular segments branched in males; males and females with 4 funicular segments. Notauli incomplete; mesoscutal midlobe evenly setose or with 2 rows of setae; scutellum without submedian grooves. Postmarginal vein at least 2x stigmal vein length. Propodeum with complete "step-like" plicae (enclosed median panels of propodeum elevated above the sunken paraspiracular areas) immediately medial to spiracles; median panels large, glossy or reticulate; median carina distinct and simple; costula absent. Compare with: Sympiesis, Pnigalio, Dimmockia.

notanisomorphella.JPG (28779 bytes)
1a: Notanisomorphella

notanisomorphella propodeum.JPG (33624 bytes)
2a: Notanisomorphella propodeum

Biology: Parasitoids of Coleophoridae and other small Lepidoptera, leaf-mining Hispine beetles, also reared from spider egg-sacs.

Comments: 10 described species. Very close to Sympiesis and Dimmockia, but of distinctive habitus so that it is easily recognizable once reference specimens have been examined.

Comparative information:

Sympiesis: Seldom with strong median carina and plicae, but if so then median panels not raised sharply above areas lateral to the plicae. There are a few species of Sympiesis with somewhat step-like plicae, but in those species the propodeum is only slightly (<1.75x) longer than broad, resembling that of many Hemiptarsenus.

Pnigalio: If propodeal costula lacking then median panels not raised sharply above areas lateral to plicae.

Dimmockia: Clypeal margin bilobed.

Dicladocerus: Flagellum with 3 funicular segments in females, males with 2 antennal branches. Scutellum in most species with parallel longitudinal grooves.


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Image credits: 1a: Boucek (1988). 2a: Schauff, et al. (1997).