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24. Toruli (a1) very high on face, far above lower eye margin; scape distinctly exceeding vertex (ie: greater than 2x its own width above the vertex in profile). Body and legs elongate. Forewing (a1) and costal cell unusually long and narrow in macropterous forms: forewing at least 2.6x as long as wide and costal cell 10-15x as long as wide; some females brachypterous. Flagellum with 4 or 5 funicular segments.

some Hemiptarsenus Westwood, 1833

24'. Toruli not so high on face, scape hardly if at all exceeding vertex (rarely exceeding vertex by about 1-1.5x its own width in profile in Sympiesis, especially in males or specimens with collapsed heads. See next couplet). Body, legs, and forewing not all as elongate at the same time. Flagellum often with 3 funicular segments, especially in females.

couplet 25


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