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Body short and stout: 0.9-1.9mm in length. Flagellar formula 1,3,3 in females, 1,4,2 or (rarely) 1,3,3 in males; scape length subequal distance between lateral ocelli; lateral ocelli near eye margin; apical pair of funicular segments subquadrate to much broader than long in females; males with 3 short funicular branches. Notauli incomplete; mesoscutal midlobe with many irregularly placed setae; scutellum without submedian or sublateral grooves, distinctly broader than long. Postmarginal vein not more than 1.7x stigmal vein length. Color dark or mixed yellow-green. Compare with: Necremnus, Eulophus, Dasyeulophus.

microlycus pulcherrimus.JPG (31181 bytes)
1a: Microlycus pulcherrimus Kerrich

microlycus heterocerus profile.JPG (11916 bytes) microlycus erdoesi female antenna.JPG (8014 bytes)microlycus erdoesi male antenna.JPG (8962 bytes)
2a-c: Microlycus heterocerus Thomson profile (left), M. erdoesi Boucek female antenna (center), and male antenna (right)

Biology: 1 species parasitoid of Perileucoptera coffeella (Guérin-Mén. & Perrottet) (Lepidoptera: Lyonetiidae), leaf-miner of coffee plants.

Comments: 9 described species; poorly known genus. Apparently close to Necremnus.

Comparative information:

Necremnus: Scape length much longer than distance between lateral ocelli and/or lateral ocelli 2x or more their own diameter distant from eye margin and/or scutellum as long or longer than broad. Apical pair of funicular segments usually each longer than broad. Very difficult to separate in some cases using generic characters, the characters representing entirely continuous variation and subject to intermediacy in a few cases.

Eulophus: Mandibles not capable of meeting medially. Basal mesotarsal segment shorter than next segment.

Dasyeulophus: Clypeus bilobed apically. Scutellum usually with many irregularly placed setae in addition to the 2 pairs normally present. Stigma relatively large. 4 funicular segments.

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Image credits: 1a: Kerrich (1969). 2a-c: Boucek (1959).