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32. (Females only) Propodeum (a1) with plicae or plical ridges delimiting median panels raised sharply above areas lateral to the plicae (ie: step-like plicae) and uncus arising more than its own length from stigmal apex (b1).

a few female Dicladocerus Westwood, 1832

32'. Propodeum often without plicae or plical ridges. Uncus (bb1) usually arising its own length or less from stigmal apex. [complete separation of females of these two genera not possible]

Necremnus Thomson, 1878 and some female Dicladocerus Westwood, 1832

a1 b1 bb1
dicladocerus_nearcticus_prop.jpg (32181 bytes) dicladocerus_wing.JPG (22811 bytes) necremnus_propodealis_stigma.jpg (16997 bytes)

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Image credits: a1, b1: Yoshimoto (1976). bb1: Boucek (1959a).