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22. Transverse fronto-facial groove (a1) nearly straight, above middle of face, and interscrobal ridge not meeting transverse groove, and flagellar formula strictly 1,4,1 (b1); scape relatively long and narrow: about 5x longer than broad. Postmarginal vein about 2x stigmal vein length.

Grahamia Erdös, 1966

22'. Transverse fronto-facial groove (aa1) usually v-shaped, if not (Achrysocharoides, some Chrysocharis) then postmarginal vein <1.5x stigmal vein length or antenna with 3 distinct anelli. Many species with 2 claval segments. Scape usually not so long and narrow. Postmarginal vein often much longer or shorter.

couplet 23


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chrysocharis longitarsus face.JPG (16870 bytes)

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chrysocharis viridis female antenna.JPG (9259 bytes)

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Image credits: a1, b1, c1: Hansson (1988a). aa1, bb1: Hansson (1985a).