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23. Transverse frontal suture straight or very nearly so, although near middle of face (bb1, bb2), and flagellum with 1 or 2 claval segments--3 or 4 funicular segements, and postmarginal vein not more than 1.4x stigmal vein length (usually shorter than stigmal vein), and eye densely covered in setae visible under normal (up to 50x) magnification (bb1, bb2). Scutellum, and sometimes mesoscutum, with distinct pits in some species (a1, a2). Petiole not more than 1.75x longer than broad.

Achrysocharoides Girault, 1913

23'. Either: transverse frontal suture V-shaped (bb1), or straight and very near to median ocellus (as in bb2), or flagellum with 3 claval segments--2 funicular segments (cc1), or postmarginal vein >1.4x stigmal vein length, or eye not appearing setose under normal magnification. Scutellum and mesoscutum without special pits. Petiole >1.75x longer than broad in some Chrysocharis.

couplet 24


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Image credits: b1-b2: Kamijo (1991). bb1: Hansson (1985a). bb2: Hansson (1994b). cc1: Hansson (1995).