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15. Median furrow (a1) extending from posterior part of mesoscutum to anterior part of scutellum. Face (b1), frons, and occiput completely smooth and shiny; interscrobal process sharply raised, set off by distinct sulcus; clypeus set off by distinct sutures, frons with transverse ridge separating lower face from middle of face. Funicular segments in males (c1) each with a basal whorl of long setae. Notauli narrow and deep posteriorly, absent or very shallow anteriorly (a1).

Holcopelte Förster, 1856

15'. Mesoscutum and scutellum almost never with median furrow (exception: some Chrysocharis, which do not have clypeus set off by sutures, the distinctive interscrobal process, or a smooth, shiny face). Face usually with some sculpture; clypeus set off by sutures only in Omphale, Perditorulus, Callifrons, and Chrysonotomyia. Funicular segments often without whorls of setae in males. Notauli not deep posteriorly in similar genera, especially Omphale.

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Image credits: a1, b1, c1: Hansson (1988b).