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11. Body almost entirely unsculpted. Propodeum (b1) with only small anterior projection, with scattered setae. Most of body with long setae (a1, b1, c1).

Alachua Schauff & Boucek, 1987

11'. Body strongly sculpted. Propodeum (bb1) with extensive sculpturing and nearly always with distinct raised median strip placed in a longitudinal depression, never with setae beyond the callus and perimeter.

couplet 12



alachua mesopleuron.JPG (18910 bytes) alachua propodeum.JPG (15786 bytes) horismenus propodeum.JPG (17684 bytes)

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Image credits: a1, b1, c1: Schauff & Boucek (1987). bb1: Schauff (1991).