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Cristelacher Schauff & LaSalle, 1993 comparative info return to: prev home
2 occipital carinae
, one faintly present near ocelli, the other strongly defined near occipital foramen. Clypeal margin slightly convex. 4 funicular segments, 3 claval segments. Pronotum subquadrate and strongly defined, strongly sculpted, sometimes carinate anteriorly; mesoscutum reticulate, densely setose; mesoscutum strongly sculpted and densely setose, notauli faintly complete; scutellum smooth and with sublateral grooves meeting posteriorly. Postmarginal vein longer than stigmal vein. Propodeum with strong median carina, expanded anteriorly into cup-shaped structure. Petiole subequal metacoxal length. Cerci on short stalks. Compare with: Elachertus, Euplectrini.

cristelacher mesonotum.JPG (25770 bytes) cristelacher head.JPG (24117 bytes)
1a-b: Cristelacher mesosoma (left), and back of head (right)


Comments: 1 described species: C. levana (Walker).

Comparative information:

Elachertus: Pair of occipital carinae absent. Pronotal collar not carinate and not strongly sculpted. With at most 1 occipital carina.

Euplectrini: Metatibial spur(s) elongate, longer than basal metatarsal segment. Mandibles reduced, not capable of meeting when closed.

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Image credits: 1a-b: Schauff, et al. (1997).