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Eyes not setose
. Transverse frontal groove not indicated, but presumably should be located about 1 ocellar diameter below the median ocellus; scrobal depressions not present as sulci, about as broad as scape, uniting near center of face, the longitudinal depression extending to end near median ocellus. Clypeus delimited by dorsal suture. Flagellum with 3 claval segments and 3 preclaval segments; 3rd flagellomere quadrate to longer than broad, much longer than 1st and 2nd flagellomeres. Mesosoma with raised reticulate sculpture; pronotal collar not formed; mesoscutal midlobe with several irregularly placed setae; about half dorsal axillar surface advanced beyond scutellar margin; scutellum with many dorsal setae (unpaired, or in 3 or more pairs), about as long as mesoscutum; prepectus not fused with mesopleuron. Submarginal vein with 3-5 dorsal setae; speculum present. Postmarginal vein as long as or shorter than stigmal vein; stigma petiolate or not; marginal vein slightly longer than costal cell; submarginal vein with 3-5 setae. Propodeum with strong sculpture, including a very distinct paraspiracular fovea that curves posteriad to unite with the supracoxal flange; median carina meeting nuchal carina posteriorly; callus with sharp posterior corners (2 pairs: dorsal and ventral). Gaster with metallic luster; gt1 usually smooth, shiny, but with carinate adpetiolar margin, brightly metallic, while other tergites sculpted and more dull; hypopygium <0.25x gastral length; ovipositor sheaths greatly enlarged. Mesotibial spur short, usually not pectinate. Compare with: Aleuroctonus.

entedononecremnus face.JPG (25588 bytes)entedononecremnus female antenna.JPG (14987 bytes)
1a-b: Entedononecremnus face (left), and female antenna (right)

entedononecremnus mesosoma.JPG (27274 bytes) entedononecremnus dorsal gaster.JPG (21931 bytes) entedononecremnus gaster.JPG (24514 bytes)
2a-c: Entedononecremnus mesosomal dorsum (left), dorsal view of gaster (center), and oblique ventral view of gaster (right)

entedononecremnus wing.JPG (28903 bytes)entedononecremnus wing2.JPG (33644 bytes)
3a-b: Entedononecremnus forewings

Biology: Parasitoids of Aleyrodidae.

Comments: 14 described species. Neotropical, Nearctic.

Comparative information:

Aleuroctonus: Eyes densely setose. Gaster not strongly sclerotized, tending to collapse, unsculpted, not metallic, with pale markings basally or throughout its length. Mesotibial spur long and pectinate.

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Image credits: LaSalle & Schauff (1994).