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1. Axillae (a1: A) advanced entirely anteriad of scutellar margin, on same plane as distinctly flat mesosoma and scutellum, and indicated by distinct grooves. Mesoscutal midlobe (a1: M) and scutellum (a1: S) with only 2 pairs of setae each. Malar sulcus (b1: MS) directed posteriad. Antenna (c1) with 3 preclaval flagellomeres, the apical one much longer and broader than the preceding ones.

Euderomphale Girault, 1916

1'. Axillae either not indicated by grooves (aa1) or advanced only about halfway anteriad of scutellar margin (aa2). Mesoscutal midlobe (aa2) often with much more than 2 pairs of setae. Malar sulcus (bb1) complete or incomplete, never directed posteriad. Antenna often different.

couplet 2


aa1 aa2
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Image credits: LaSalle & Schauff (1994).