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3. Eyes not setose (a1). Gaster (b1, b2) not collapsing, with metallic luster; gt1 usually smooth, shiny, and brightly metallic, while other tergites sculpted and more dull; hypopygium <0.25x gastral length; ovipositor sheaths (b2) greatly enlarged. Mesotibial spur short, usually not pectinate.

Entedononecremnus Girault, 1915

3'.  Eyes setose (aa1). Gaster more weakly sclerotized, without metallic luster, with at least some pale markings; ovipositor sheaths not enlarged. Mesotibial spur (cc1) large and pectinate.

Aleuroctonus LaSalle & Schauff, 1994


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Image credits: LaSalle & Schauff (1994).