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Vertex arched high above eye level
. 2 funicular segments. Notauli sharply curved, ending in anterior half of strongly advanced axillae; mesoscutal sidelobes with tiny scapular flange that does not extend more than 1/4 the axillar length, ending far from the scutellar margin. scutellum with parallel submedian grooves. Forewing always with fuscate areas. Propdoeum without plicae, with remnants of a simple median carina. Color at least partly yellow. Compare with: Cirrospilus.

zagrammosoma americanum.JPG (24262 bytes)
1a: Zagrammosoma americanum Girault

zagrammosoma centrolineatum.JPG (13407 bytes)
2a: Z. centrolineatum Crawford

zagrammosoma mirum.JPG (11836 bytes)
3a: Z. mirum Girault

zagrammosoma americanum wing.JPG (36883 bytes)
4a: Z. americanum forewing


Comments: This genus is generally considered dubiously distinct from Cirrospilus. If notaular form is any indication of phylogeny (which may or may not be the case), it may be more closely related to Diglyphus. However, the recent discovery of Cirrospilus coachellae Gates, which has a vaulted vertex like all Zagrammosoma, is the best evidence for a clade of Cirrospilus and Zagrammosoma, but raises the possibility of a paraphyletic Cirrospilus. At any rate, lumping of Zagrammosoma into Cirrospilus would be highly premature before extensive analysis is conducted.

Comparative information:

Cirrospilus: Notauli extending as nearly straight lines to end at or near the scutellar margin; mesoscutal sidelobes with narrow scapular flange extending to or near the scutellar margin. Vertex seldom protruding above upper eye margin (exceptions include C. coachellae Gates).

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Image credits: Gordh (1978).