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3. Notauli (a1, a2) complete but ending in anterior half of axillae and vertex protruding far above upper eye margin. Scutellum with parallel submedian grooves (though these sometimes indistinct). Color black and yellow. Forewing (b1) almost always with distinct fuscate areas.

Zagrammosoma Ashmead, 1904

3.  If notauli complete then they end at or near the scutellar margin (aa1) and/or vertex not protruding far above upper eye margin (aa2). Scutellum often without submedian grooves. Color variable, but often dark brown without yellow areas. Forewing often without fuscate areas.

couplet 4


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aa1 aa2
zagrammosoma centrolineatum.JPG (13407 bytes) aulogymnus mesosoma.JPG (14013 bytes) cirrospilus head.JPG (12148 bytes)

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Image credits: a1, aa2, b1: Gordh (1978). aa1: Askew (1968).