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Complete sulcus present across vertex
behind lateral ocelli. frontal grooves v-shaped, reaching eyes at level of median ocellus; scrobal grooves reaching transverse groove separately (but rarely discernable because of facial collapse). Malar sulcus not branched. Flagellum with 1 anellus and 5 additional flagellomeres, in which 1-3 of them form the club; males of some species with swollen scape; flagellum with L-shaped (type 2) or elongate (type 3) peg sensilla (so far, I have found only Ceranisus menes (Walker) to have type 3 sensilla). Notauli sharply bent laterad at their anterior ends. Definitively included species do not have raised sculpture (S. Trjapitsyn, personal comm.). Fringe setae of forewing shorter than transverse width of wing (though usually long relative to other Entedoninae); hind wing pointed apically. Petiole very small and unsculpted. Compare with: Thripobius, Closterocerus.

ceranisus_menes.jpg (404370 bytes)
Ceranisus menes (Walker)

ceranisus_vertex2.jpg (105439 bytes)
C. menes vertex

Biology: Larval parasitoids of Thripidae.

Comments: 18 described species. This genus, along with Thripobius, is very difficult to distinguish from other small Entedoninae because the only consistent difference is the presence of the vertex sulcus, which is often obscured if the head is collapsed. These genera appear to be closely related to Closterocerus, Asecodes, and Omphale.

Comparative information:

Thripobius: frontal grooves reaching eyes above level of median ocellus, sometimes reaching vertexal sulcus. Malar sulcus, when visible, forked ventrally.

Closterocerus: Head without sulcus across vertex.

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