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Trichospilus Ferrière, 1930 comparative info return to: prev home
Toruli unusually low
, near mouth margin. 2 funicular segments. Forewing with patches of dark or thickened setae, especially near parastigma and base of marginal vein (patch of setae sometimes replaced by strongly darkened spot in venation). Notauli complete; scutellum without submedian or sublateral grooves. Color yellow or brown, never metallic. Compare with: Hoplocrepis.

trichospilus.JPG (61993 bytes)
1a: Trichospilus ferrierei Boucek female

trichospilus vorax face.JPG (21332 bytes)trichospilus boops face.JPG (21059 bytes)trichospilus boops forewing.JPG (23478 bytes)
2a-c: Trichospilus vorax Boucek face (left), T. boops Boucek face (center), and forewing (right)

Biology: Pupal parasitoids of Lepidoptera.

Comments: 5 described species. The similarity to Hoplocrepis may not be due to convergence, and should be investigated phylogenetically.

Comparative information:

Hoplocrepis: 4 funicular segments. Mandibles incapable of meeting medially. Posterior surface of head sharply margined, with eyes not separated from postgenal margin.

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Boucek, Z. 1976. The African and Asiatic species of Trichospilus and Cotterellia (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae). Bulletin of Entomological Research. 65(4): 669-681.

Image credits: Boucek (1976).