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2 funicular segments, 3 claval segments; scape enlarged in males. Face with transverse sulcus at mid-height. Notauli nearly straight, deep and complete, reaching scutellar margin or ending in axillae very near it; each mesoscutal sidelobe with narrow scapular flange that reaches scutellar margin. Postmarginal vein about 2x stigmal vein length. Compare with: Cirrospilus, Diglyphus.

diaulinopsis callichroma male antenna.JPG (12167 bytes)diaulinopsis venation.JPG (4524 bytes)
1a-b: Diaulinopsis male antenna (left), and forewing venation (right)

Biology: Parasitoids of leaf-mining Diptera.

Comments: 4 described species.

Comparative information:

Cirrospilus: Postmarginal vein about 1x stigmal vein length. Scape not swollen in males. Color in most specimens largely yellowish (metallic green in Diaulinopsis).

Diglyphus: Notauli incomplete or ending in anterior half of axillae, far from scutellar margin. Scape rarely swollen in males. Postmarginal vein <2x stigmal vein length in most species.

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