The C. elegans Worm Show

The 2021 Worm Show premiered on June 23, 2021.

The future of the Worm Show...

We do not know what lies ahead for the Worm Show. Perhaps Curtis and Morris could be persuaded to do a show in the near future. Or perhaps it is time for the next generation of worm scientist entertainers to take to the stage...

A virtual worm show

With the extra free time during the pandemic, we put together a virtual show (link above). Further information about the 2021 show is here.

We thought we had retired

We also came out of retirement to do a Worm Show at UCLA, June 23rd, 2019. Watch it here. Further information about it here.

A reunion show!

We were invited by Joel Rothman at UC Santa Barbara to give a show at their 20th annual joint graduate program retreat. It consists mostly of older material, but there are some new things in there as well. The link is at the bottom of the page.

MM & CL, October 16, 2017

You asked for it...

The 2017 International Worm Meeting was a bittersweet one. We heard from many people, often just walking up to us at the Poster Sessions, thanking us for our past contributions, and lamenting (but understanding) the lack of a show at the meeting. Well, we heard you, and dug deep inside ourselves to decide to bring back the Worm Show for 2019. It may not be exactly the same as previous shows, mostly because we want to do it with a bit less production work (particularly in video editing), but we hope to make it just as much fun. Stay tuned, and as always, if you have any clever ideas (or material like pictures or videos) please send them our way.

MM & CL, June 26, 2017

What is a Worm Show?

The "Worm Show" was a comedy/variety presentation that took place at the biennial International C. elegans Meetings from 2005-2015, having gotten its start at a first show at a 2004 regional meeting. All the shows took place in Royce Hall at University of California, Los Angeles. Presented by Curtis Loer (University of San Diego) and Morris Maduro (UC Riverside), each show featured many types of jokes, from simple Powerpoint-based gags like Top Ten Lists, to elaborate videos that poke fun at the kinds of things C. elegans researchers and scientists/academics have to deal with. And CL and MM always found a way to sneak a song or two into every show. In 2011, they added on-site interviews and videos made of people at the meeting. In 2013 and 2015, the show also featured submitted material (videos and images) from the C. elegans community. You can enjoy all the past shows here.

New! See the real first show that started it all, the 2004 Worm Show at the West Coast Worm Meeting in Santa Barbara. Much of the material was re-used in the 2005 show, but there are a few segments that have never been seen before now, including "Do You Like C. elegans?" (a Dr. Seuss-inspired story), "As Some Day It May Happen..." (a Gilbert & Sullivan parody), and "Worm Poetry." Also, we added a link below to the 2014 "Development Show" which was a one-off show based on prior worm shows for the Society for Developmental Biology meeting.

Curtis Loer & Morris Maduro

Worm Show 2015
Worm Show 2015
Worm Show 2015
Information about the 2015 Show

Worm Show 2013
Worm Show 2013
Information about the 2013 Show

Worm Show 2011
Worm Show 2011
Information about the 2011 Show

Worm Show 2009
Worm Show 2009

Information about the 2009 Show

Worm Show 2004
The original first worm show!
Worm Show 2004
Worm Show 2004

Bonus! "The Devo Show" - July 20, 2014 at the SDB meeting in Seattle

Devo Show 2014
In 2014, Martin Chalfie (then President of the Society for Developmental Biology)
asked us to present a 'Development Show' at the SDB meeting. For this show we
adapted our Worm Show materials for a wider audience.
Click on image or here for YouTube video.
More information here: The 2014 Development Show

Reunion Show at UCSB BMSE/MCDB Retreat,
October 14, 2017 in Santa Barbara

UCSB show
Joel Rothman invited us to give a show at their joint program retreat at UCSB,
right back on the same campus where our first show occurred more than 13 years before.
Click image or here for video.

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