The 2005 Worm Comedy Show
The Worm Comedy Shows are now on YouTube.
For the links, see the 2009 Worm Show page here.

Morris Maduro and Curtis Loer perform during the 2005 Worm Comedy Show
presented at the International C. elegans Meeting, UCLA, June 28, 2005.
(Image: Katy Lin)

  Morris and Curtis with Owen Lewis,
Stage Manager at Royce Hall

The show's opener
(high production values!)

A movie parody slide

One of many name anagrams

Curtis Loer (University of San Diego, CA) and Morris Maduro (University of California at Riverside, CA) had a blast presenting the Worm Comedy Show at the 2005 International C. elegans Meeting. The response to the show has been overwhelming. One of our goals with this site and the 2007 Show site is to inspire others to participate in similar comedy shows at future meetings. Enjoy! - M. Maduro

Video Clips (Windows Media)

Worm Show 2007 DVD information

The 2005 Worm Comedy Show was mentioned in the September, 2005 issue
of GENEtics, the bulletin of the Genetics Society of America.
Meeting Article Entire issue(pdf)

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