DVD of 2005, 2007 Worm Shows
Note: As of July, 2009 this DVD has been superseded
by the 'Trilogy' containing the 2005, 2007 and 2009 shows, and
the shows are also available on YouTube. Click here.

The 2005 and 2007 Worm Shows plus the parody movies: 90 minutes of hilarity!

The DVD combines the 2005 and 2007 Worm Shows, plus the parody videos shown at the 2007 Show. It has been superseded by the 'Trilogy' DVD, containing the 2005, 2007 and 2009 shows. How do you get one? The discs are free, just email Morris (mmaduro@ucr.edu). Further miscellaneous information about the DVD appears below. - M. Maduro, 7-10-07

Titles on the DVD.

Title 1: The 2007 Worm Show [48'29"]
Title 2: The 2005 Worm Show [40'08"]
Title 3: 'Morat' Parody [5'25"]
Title 4: 'An Inconvenient Truth About C. elegans' and 'Great Moments in Worm History' [1'10"]
Title 5: 'The Big Lebowski Lab' [0'46"]
Title 6: 'Committee Meeting Within The Matrix' [1'02"]
Title 7: 'Worm Tracks Vol. 2' [1'27"]

Chapter Breaks. These are located at 5-minute intervals, generated by the DVD recorder used to produce the master. The locations of the breaks in the two shows are as follows:

2007 Worm Show

[1] 0:00 start
[2] 5:00 end of ‘Safety Video’
[3] 10:00 middle of ‘Reality’
[4] 15:00 middle of ‘Chewbacca talk’
[5] 20:00 start of ‘Unsolicited Advice’/’Big Lebowski Lab’
[6] 25:00 middle of ‘Worm Tracks’ commercial parody
[7] 30:00 beginning of ‘Committee Meeting Within The Matrix’
[8] 35:00 middle of ‘Morat’ parody
[9] 40:00 beginning of ‘Caenorhabditis elegans’ (parody of “Willow, Tit-Willow”)
[10] 45:00 middle of Classic Rock Medley (‘Postdoc Wasteland’)

2005 Worm Show

[1] 0:00 start
[2] 5:00 middle of introduction ('the Bobs')
[3] 15:00 middle of 'License Plates'
[4] 20:00 middle of ‘bsh-2 talk’
[5] 25:00 middle of ‘New Omics Terms’
[6] 30:00 end of ‘Top 10 Signs Your Lab is Too Big’
[7] 35:00 middle of ‘I am the very model...’
[8] 40:00 end of video

(The only other Title with a chapter break is the Morat parody, for which chapter 2 jumps to near the end of the segment.)

Making the DVDs. Media Studio Pro 6.0 was used on a WinXP PC (2.39 GHz, 3400+ Athlon 64, 1 GB RAM) for all assemble editing from the video and audio sources. Files were rendered to DV and outputted to a Sony Digital8 camcorder (DCR-TRV280), then recorded in real time, track by track, onto a blank DVD+R on a stand-alone LiteOn LVW-5005 DVD recorder. A disc image was then made on the PC using Nero 6, which was then used to create all the copies. Why not use the computer to make the master DVD? Mpeg-2 encoding by most video editing software produces mediocre quality files and takes a lot of processing power. The hardware encoder in the LVW-5005 records high-quality mpeg-2 files in real time, although it produces rather lackluster menus. [Note (7/09): This is not really true; many software mpeg-2 encoders do a great job. - MM]

Help! The DVD doesn't play in my machine. First, try another machine. Older DVD players can fail to read DVD-Rs or DVD+Rs properly, or may not recognize the format used by the LVW-5005. Most computer DVD-ROM or DVD-R/RW drives should read the disc fine. If you know that your player does recognize certain types of recordable DVDs, use a computer to copy the worm show DVD to a blank of that type.

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