Morris Maduro

Morris F. Maduro
Professor of Biology and Chair
office: Genomics 2121A
phone: 951-827-7196

We have been at UC Riverside since 2003, using Caenorhabditis and Pristionchus nematodes as model systems to study the structure and evolution of gene regulatory networks that specify early progenitor cells. We are also interested in what happens when these networks are perturbed genetically. Both genera offer a rich repertoire of tools for genetic analysis, including complete genome sequences and tools for transgenesis and genome manipulation. Their short generation times allow us to get answers on a short timescale. We are always interested in adding to our research group; see here for more information.

From 2004-2021, I was involved in the Worm Show at several C. elegans meetings.

Teaching: Undergraduate level: BIOL 020 (Dynamic Genome Laboratory), BIOL 005A (Intro to Cell and Molecular Biology), BIOL 115 (Human Genetics). Graduate level: CMDB 202 (Developmental Biology), CMDB 203 (Advanced Genetic Analysis in Model Systems).

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