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[References for this review may be found at <Nyland>]


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          An ancient language form that originated in the North African area of our most ancient civilizations has been studied by Nyland (2001).  He found that many words used to describe names of places and things in Spanish seem to be closely related to the ancient language, he called Saharan, and which later was predated by the Igbo Language of West Africa.  Fortuitously, the Basque Language is a close relative to the original Saharan.  Following is a discussion of this relationship:


          After finding a way to decode and translate the Ogam inscriptions of Ireland and Scotland, Nyland (2001) applied this new knowledge to the vocabulary and names of other European languages. The Spanish language proved to be as straightforward as English in the application of the word-agglutinating Ogam formula (see Ogam), as shown in the well-known word "amigo" (friend): ami-igo, from the Basque verbs amilkatu (to fall down) and igoarazi (to help up). This most appropriate description of a true friend therefore reads: "He helps me up when I fall down." Note how the middle vowel "i" is part of both roots, which is called "vowel-interlocking". This is a characteristic of the word-construction process for all Romance languages and English. It was obvious from this that the Spanish language was an invented language like Latin and English, and was not developed over time from a proto-language. The church linguists who invented the Spanish vocabulary often used Christian teaching in their word-creation, such as in: "Espaņol" which they spelled originally as "Espanjol" and in "zurumbatico" (see below). To better illustrate the word-invention system that Christian church linguists used, here follow some more examples. In Basque, the Spanish "c" is usually a "k" (sometimes an "s"), the "v" is an "f" or a "b", and "sh" is written as "x."


analisis (analysis), ana-ali-isi-is.,
ana ana            anatomia                   anatomy, composition
ali  ali             alik                           possible
isi   isi              izigarri                      frightening
is.  isu             isurgai                      liquid
The composition of the possibly frightening liquid. 
arbol (tree),,
ar.  are            arrendu                     to ask permission
.bo ebo           eboluzionatu              to develop, to make into
ol.  ola            ola                            wooden plank
Ask permission to make (the tree) into planks. 
brujeria (witchcraft),,
.b.  obi            obieta                        cemetery
.ru  iru             irudikurtza                                      idol worship
uje uhe           uhertasun                  maliciousness
eri  eri             erigarri                      noxious
a    a               a                               the
The worshipping of idols in the cemetary is noxious maliciousness. 
calendario (calendar), .ka-ale-en.-.da-ari-o,
.ka eka            ekainaldi                   solstice season
ale  ale             alegera                      rejoicing    
en. ene            -enetan                     always
.da eda            edandatu                   to get drunk
ari  ari             arrigarrizko               awful
o    o               -o                              suffix which gives the word
                                                       a "typically Spanish" flavour.
Rejoicing during the solsticial season always (results in) getting awfully drunk. 
celebre (celebrated),,
.se  ase            asekatu                      to have a craving, longing
ele  ele             eleiza                         Christian assembly
eb. eba            ebanjelari                  evangelist
.re  are            arreraegin                 to welcome
The Christian assembly longs to welcome the evangelist. 
civilizacion (civilization), .ki-ibi-ili-iza-asi-on.,
.ki  eki            ekinalean                  do as much as possible
ibi  ibi             ibili                           to behave
ili   ili              ilintitu                       to encourage
iza  iza             izari                          moderation
asi  atxi            atxiki                         loyalty
on. one           onestasun                  decency
Do as much as possible to behave and encourage moderation, loyalty and decency. 
compasion (compassion),,
ko  ko             komeni                      to be helpful
om.                 ome          omenezko                  honorable
.pa epa            epai                           decision
asi  asi             asi                             to start
on. one           oneste                        act of blessing
To be helpful is an honorable decision to begin an act of blessing. 
condor (condor), .ko-ondo-or.,
.ko iko            iko                            that
ondo  ondo      ondoratu                   to draw near, come closer
or.  ore            orekari                      aerialist, high flyer
That high-flyer is coming closer. 
dilatar (to expand), .di-ila-ata-ar.,
.di  adi            adi                            be careful
ila  ila             ilarteko                      to last some time
ata ata            ataldu                        to divide,
ar.  ara            aragi                         meat
To make it last some time, be careful to divide the meat. 
elegir (to elect, to choose), ele-egi-ir.,
ele  ele             ele                             word
egi  egi             egin                           to create, to choose
ir.   iru             irudikari                    representative
Word (used) to choose a representative. 
espaņol (Spaniard),,
es.  esa            esanahi                     significance
.pa apa            aparteko                    special
an. ana            anaitu                       to unite
.jo   ajo            ajola izan                       to take care, to serve
ol.   ole             oles egin                 to call upon
It is of special significance that we unite and serve when called upon. 
estatus (status), esta-atu-us.,
esta ezta          eztai                          celebration
atu atu            atutxa                        better world
us. uste           uste                           trust
Celebrating our trust in a better world. 
estragon (tarragon), est.-.ra-ago-on.,
est. esta           estali                         to cover
.ra  ara            arrabeteko                       handful
ago ago           -agotu                       to add
on. onu           onuts                        very nice
Add a handful and cover it very nicely. 
fardel (knapsack),,
.fa  afa            afa                            happy
ar.  are            arremankor                                     together
.de ede            ederizan                    pleasing
el.  eli             elikadura                   food
Happy together with pleasing food. 
fragil (fragile), .f.-.ra-agi-il.,
.f.  ife             ifernu                        damned
.ra  era            errazkeria                  negligence
agi  agi             agirakatu                   to be blamed
il.   ile             ilezin                         forever
Damned negligence, I'll be blamed forever. 
gramatica (grammar), .g.-.ra-ama-ati-ika,
.g.  iga             igar                           dry
.ra  ara            arra                           repetition
ama  ama        amaikat                     to many
ati  ati             atxiki                         to memorize
ika ika            ikaskai                      lesson
Many dry repetitions (will) memorize the lesson. 
gratamente (pleasingly), .g.-.ra-ata-ame-ente,
.g.  agu            agurtu                       to greet
.ra  ura            ura                            her
ata ata            atadi                          main entrance
ame  ame        amestu                      to dream about
ente  ent          entzat                        destination
She was greeted at the main entrance of the dreamed-about destination. 
hechiceria (sorcery), .he-echi-ike-eri-a,
.he ihe            ihesari eman             to escape
echi  etxi         etxi                            house
ike ike            ikertu                        to investigate
eri  eri             eriozkortasun             noxiousness, maliciousness
a    a               a                               the
Escape from the house so the noxiousness can be investigated. 
huerfano (orphan), .hu-er.-.fa-ano,
.hu uhu           uhui                          cry of happiness
er.  era            erabideko                  polite         
.fa  afa            afa                            pleasing
ano  ano          ano                           portion, hand-out
A polite cry of happiness for the pleasing hand-out. 
matutino (morning), .ma-atu-uti-ino,
.ma                 ema           eman                         to celebrate
at.  atu            atutxa                        beautiful world
uti  uti             utikan                       get out 
ino ino            inoiz                         sometime
Sometime get out (of bed) and celebrate this beautiful world. 
notorio (well-known), .no-oto-ori-o,
.no ano           ano                           food
oto oto            otoikatu                     to beg
ori  ori             orrits                         banquet
o    o               -o                              suffix which gives the word
                                                       a "typically Spanish" flavour.
To beg for food at the banquet. 
orador (orator), ora-ado-or.,
ora ora            oratu                         to grab, to engross
ado  ado          adoretu                      to stimulate
or.  oro            oroz                          completely
To engross and stimulate completely. 
pecadillo (sin), .pe-eka-adi-ilo,
.pe ape            apeta                         tendency
eka eka            ekarri                        to cause
adi adi            adikaitz                     incomprehensible
ilo  ilo             ilordu                        agony
(It has) a tendency to cause incomprehensible agony. 
perentorio (urgent),,
.pe ope           opetsi                        to offer
ere ere            ere                            also
en. ene            ene                            me
.to  eto            etorri                         to come
ori  ori             orrits                         banquet
o    o               -o                              suffix which gives the word a "Spanish" flavour.
He also offered me to come to the banquet. 
pitonisa (fortune teller), .pi-ito-oni-isa,
.pi  ipi             ipuin                         story
ito  ito             ito                             to laugh a lot, laughter
oni oni            onibilera                    good fortune
isa isa            iseka                         to joke
Story of laughter, good fortune and joking. 
posada (guesthouse, lodging), .po-osa-ada,
.po opo           oporraldi                   time-off
osa osa            osatu                         to unify, to get together
ada ada            -ada                          noise of the last word
Time-off for a noisy get-together. 
senado (senate), .se-ena-ado,
.se  ese            esetsi                         to argue
ena ena            -ena                          verbal suffix expressing the future
ado  ado          adorez                       courageously
They will argue courageously. 
sofa (couch), .so-ofa,
.so oso            osoro                         completely 
ofa oba           oba                            natural, comfortable
Completely comfortable. 
super (super), .su-upe-er.,
.su isu             isurgai                       liquid
upe  upe          upel                           cask, vat
era era            erakuskariketa           sampling
Sampling the liquid in the cask. 
tarantula (large spider), .ta-ara-an-.tu-ula,
.ta  ata            atalgabeko simple
ara ara            aramu                       spider
an. ane            anega                        measure
.tu  etu            etsitu                         despair
ula uli             uli                             coward
A simple spider (causes) despair in a coward. 
torrente (torrent), .to-orre-en.-.te,
.to  eto            etorri                         come
orre  orre         orrela                        that way
en. ena            -ena                          (superlative)
.te  ate            aterpe                        safe haven
Come that way to a safe haven. 
veloz (quickly), .be-elo-oz.,
.be ibe            ibeni                          to sit
elo elo            elorri                        thorn
oz. oze            oze                            sharp
To sit on a sharp thorn. 
visitar (to call on), .bi-isi-ita-ar.,
.bi  ibi             ibili                           to go
isi   isi              isilki                          quietly
ita  ita             itaundu                     to ask        
ar.  aro            arrotzari                    inn-keeper
Go quietly and ask the inn-keeper. 
zurumbatico (stunned),,
.zu izu            izuizan                      to be terrified
uru uru            urruindu                   to be scorned, despised
um.                 uma          umadun                    pregnant
.ba aba            abade                        priest
ati  ati             atxiki                        to find out
iko iko            iko                            swelling
I am terrified to be scorned for being pregnant when the priest finds out about the swelling. 
zurumbo (stupid with alcohol),,
.zu izu            izuizan                      to be terrified
uru uru            urruindu                   to be scorned
um.                 umi           umildu                      to humiliate
.bo ibo            ibolada                      group of people
I am terrified to be scorned and humiliated by the people. 

          In comparing the method, with which these words were decoded, with the method Nyland (2001) used for other European languages, there really isn't very much difference. They all are agglutinated in the same manner out of the Basque language with the use of the VCV Formula, of which the vowel interlocking is the main feature. It should not be necessary to decode more Spanish words to prove that this is an invented language, and that it is derived from Basque