UCR Audiovisual Speech and
Auditory Event Perception Laboratory


Welcome to the UCR Audiovisual Speech and Auditory Event PerceptionLaboratory homepage. The laboratory is located in the PsychologyBuilding on the University of California, Riverside campus. Tworesearch programs are conducted in the laboratory. Our researchon audiovisual speech perception exploresintegration of auditory and visual speech including the McGurkeffect, information for speechreading (lipreading), the relationshipbetween visual speech perception and face recognition, and theneuropsychological basis of visual speech perception. Our researchon auditory event perception concernsperception of approaching sound sources, auditory distance perception,and human echolocation.

Research in both areas is motivated largely by the Ecologicalapproach to perception. As developed by James Gibson, theecological approach involves an understanding of how we perceiveand act in our natural environment. From this perspective, emphasisis placed on establishing a thorough description of the informationavailable to perceivers rather than on the mental processes usuallythought to embellish impoverished input.

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