Research Assistants Needed

Our Laboratory is looking for research assistants to work about 5-10 hours a week this quarter. RAs receive four credit hours. Our research examines a) audiovisual speech perception and its relation to face perception; and b) human auditory perception (e.g., echolocation). Details of our research can be found on our Web pages:

Research on audiovisual speech perception page

Research on auditory event perception page

Our RAs typically participate in all aspects of the research process (experimental design, stimulus preparation, subject running, data analysis). We also encourage our returning RAs to conduct their own projects if they are interested. Many RAs end up being coauthors on publications.

We like our RAs to have some computer experience and, usually, the Psychology Core Courses completed.

If you are interested, please do one of the following:

1) Download, complete, and leave this application in Rosenblum's departmental mailbox.


2) e-mail Professor Rosenblum your name, phone number, year, major, Psych courses completed, Psych GPA, previous lab experience, and computer experience:

Professor Lawrence Rosenblum's homepage