What is VCE microscopy?

Video Capture and Editing microscopy is a method of recording, storing and modifying micrographic images as a multifocal series, by converting these images into multimedia video clips.

This has many advantages and uses in the study of transparent micro-organisms like nematodes, because it duplicates the appearance of such organisms as seen under the microscope.

The resulting files can be distributed via email or WWW, annotated for teaching or for presentations, and archived to create a virtual slide collection.

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Examples of VCE applications

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Live specimens

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Technical tip!

The video clips on this site are stored in QuickTime format, and require a type of decompression that was not available in older versions of QuickTime. If downloaded clips do not play properly, use the link below to get the latest version:


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Paul De Ley, Melissa Yoder & Wim Bert - October 2007
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