Hirschmanniella santarosae from the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve

Virtual specimens prepared by Daxin Li and Melissa Yoder

Tandingan De Ley, I., Mundo-Ocampo, M., Yoder, M., De Ley, P. 2007. Nematodes from vernal pools in the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve, California I. Hirschmanniella santarosae sp. n. (Nematoda: Pratylenchidae), a cryptic new species closely related to H. pomponiensis Abdel-Rahman & Maggenti, 1987. Nematology. Vol. 9: p.405-429.

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Hirschmanniella santarosae holotype female (with oversized clips)

Hirschmanniella santarosae allotype male (with oversized clips)

Hirschmanniella santarosae paratype female

Hirschmanniella santarosae paratype male


Tabular key of Hirschmanniella species (in prep.)


Hirschmanniella lip regions showing stylet knob shape


Hirschmanniella pomponienis representatives


Hirschmanniella belli representative


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