The 2013 Worm Show
additional credits
for the YouTube video

"Goldfinger" was composed by John Barry for the 1964 film. Instrumental version by the Ian Rich orchestra. New 'worm' lyrics by Morris Maduro.

"The Office" theme written by Jay Ferguson and performed by The Scrantones.

Additional camera operation for "The Lab" parody: Hailey Choi.

Software used to capture/convert YouTube videos - GOM Player and GOM Video Converter.

Sound effects for the microscope in "The Lab" were from a sound effects CD containing original sound effects from the 1960s Star Trek series.

Additional music for "The Lab" was from Star Wars (1977) and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (1999).

Dubstep sound loops for the meeting opening and poster session people interviews were taken from

Additional camera operation for on-location interviews: Morris Maduro, Gina Broitman-Maduro.

Backing music for Les Miserables songs: Priddis ProSound series LP102 accompaniment CD. "Master of the House" is also from Les Miserables.

Pictures from Bill Wood's lab including Einhard Schierenberg - courtesy of Susan Strome.

Other backing tracks (e.g. Macklemore, Maroon 5) were found on YouTube.

Song used in Kim Lab video - "Any Which Way" by Scissor Sisters.

Most images were from the Internet, found using Google. MM apologizes that, because of time, he simply cannot acknowledge all of the sources, and issues a blanket "thank you" here.

In the show, three Shure SM58 microphones were used -- two for vocals, and a third for the guitar. Sound was run through a Yamaha MG10/2 mixer on the stage.

The guitar used was an inexpensive Squire SA-100 acoustic guitar fitted with slightly lighter strings.

Equipment used for recording:
Videos - Canon HF M41, HF G10. All video was originally shot in AVCHD 1440x1080, 60i and downsampled to AVC 1280x720, 30p for the show.
Microphones - Shure SM58 for interviews; Blue "Bluebird" condensor microphone for vocals; Azden SGM-1X condensor shotgun mic for location shooting
Digital Audio Recording - Roland Edirol R-1, all in uncompressed 44.1 kHz 16-bit WAV format.

All video and audio editing was done by Morris Maduro using Sony Vegas Pro 10, except for some special effects which were done in Adobe Premiere by Farhad Ghamsari.

The show was run in Royce Hall in 1280x960 using an HP Windows 7 PC with an Intel Core i7-860 processor with 8GB of RAM (same computer as for the 2011 show), Microsoft Powerpoint 2010, and GOM Player.

Additional thank-yous:

Anne Marie Mahoney (GSA) and Tanya Williams (UCLA) for obtaining permission for us to videorecord at UCLA.

Farhad Ghamsari for heroic special effects video editing and Lightsaber duel choreography in "The Lab".

Sean Merrill for sending the video of Erik Jorgensen.


last updated 7-2-2013

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