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Rabbits, Oryctolagus spp.

Race Formation (DNA Evidence)

Ragweeds, Ambrosia spp.

Random Searching (animals)

Raphidiidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Rate of Parasitoid Development


Real Mortality

Rearing Density in Natural Enemy Culture

Rearing Natural Enemies to Enhance Impact

Recombinant Hymenopteran Males

Records (quarantine)

Recovery of Natural Enemies During Colonization


Red Scale (Calif.), Aonidiella aurantii (Maskell)

Red scale [Calif.) (ideal biocontrol candidate)]

Reduced dosages (pesticides)

Reduviidae <Habits> <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Red Wax Scale, Ceroplastes rubens Maskell



REFERENCES (Host & Natural Enemy Culture)

REFERENCES (Medical/Veterinary Entomology)


REFERENCES (Van Driesche & Bellows 1995)

Refrigerated Hosts (culture)

Refrigerator (quarantine)

Regulation (Populations)

Regulative Factor

Release Numbers in Natural Enemy Colonization

Removal of Natural Enemies by Hand

Removal of Natural Enemies by Insecticide Treatment

Reproductive Strategies of Parasitoids

Reproductive System (male)

Repulsion of Natural Enemies

Research Areas (E. F. Legner)

Residual Mortality


Resistance to Insecticides (predators)

Resistance to Pesticides

Resistant Predators (insecticides)

Resource Allocation For IPM Research

Genetic Diversity Retention in Natural Enemies

Rhabdoscelus obscurus (Boisduval)

Rhagionidae <Habits> <Adults> <Juveniles>

Rhagoletis pomonella (Walsh)

Rhagoletis spp.

Rhode Island (Pictures)

Ribosomal DNA

Rhine River Landscapes

Rhinoceros Beetle, Oryctes rhinoceros (L.)

Rhipiceridae <Habits> <Adults> <Juveniles>

Rhipiphoridae <Habits> <Adults> <Juveniles>

Rhizophagidae <Habits> <Adults> <Juveniles>

Rhodesgrass Mealybug, Antonina graminis

Rhodesgrass scale (ideal biocontrol candidate)

Rhopalosomidae <Habits> <Adults> Juveniles

Rhyacionia buoliana (Schiffermüller)

Rhyacionia buoliana (Schiff.) - Forestry

Rhyacionia frustrana (Comstock)

Rhysodidae <Habits>; <Adults> & <Juveniles>

Rice (Biocontrol)

Rice Leaf Roller

Ridsdill-Smith, James

Riley, Charles Valentine, <ch-35.htm>

Rincon-Vitova Insectaries, Inc

Ripa-Schaul, Renato

Ripe Egg (organization)

Riverside Municipal Museum (insect database)


Rock Inscriptions (Africa)

Rocky Mountain Wood Tick

Rodolia cardinalis (Mulsant), vedalia <PHOTO>

Rodolia koebelei (Horn)

Parasitoids and Predators in Natural Control

Romanomermis culicivorax Ross & Smith

Root Diseases (Antagonists)

Root Diseases (Conservation)

Root Diseases (parasitism)

Roproniidae <Habits> <Adults> <Juveniles>

Rosen, David

Rotoitidae <Habits> <Adults> <Juveniles>

Row & Short Term Crops (Introduction)

Row Crops

Rubus constrictus LeFavre & Mueller

Rubus ulmifolius Schott

Rubber and Other Latex Products

Rufous Scale, Selenaspidis articulatus (Morgan)

Rush Skeletonweed, Chondrilla juncea L.

Russia (Pictures)

Russian Wheat Aphid, Diuraphis noxia Mordw.