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Big Ben, London

Buckingham Palace, London


<C words>

Canterbury, England

Changing of the Guard, London


<D words>

Double-decker buses (London)

Downing Street (#10), London


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Horse Guard (London)


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Land's End, England

London, England

Lord Nelson Monument


<M words>

Magna Carta Monument

Map of England

Mary  (Magna Carta)

Mary  (Newcastle)

Mary  (Stratford)

Mary  (Stonehenge)


<N words>

Newcastle, England

Number 10 Downing Street


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<P words>

Peggy  (London)

Peggy  (Magna Carta)

Peggy  (Stonhenge)

Peggy  (Stratford)

Picadilly Circus, London

Principal Regions (England)


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<R words>

Rainstorm (London)

Row houses (London)


<S words>

Shakespeare's House (Stratford)

Shakespear's Wife's House

Stonehenge, England

Stratford on Avon

Suzanne  (Newcastle)


<T words>

Themes River, England

The Themes River

Tower of London

Trafalgar Square, London


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Westminster Abbey Tower

Westminster Bridge, London

Windsor Castle, England


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