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            Introduction                                                                                                                            Nematoda

Invertebrate Zoology


Kingdom:  Animalia, Phylum: Phoronidea



Phylum:  Phoronidea -- horseshoe


        Genus:  Phoronis

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Invertebrate Classification


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          These organisms resemble worms in tubes in the ground.  They have a U-shaped digestive tract with a conspicuous lophophore.  There is a true coelom and the circulatory system includes red blood.  Nephridia serve as both excretory organs and genital ducts.  They are hermaphroditic with free-swimming larvae.  They have no known economic importance.





Please see following plates for Example Structures of the Phoronidia:


Plate 61 = Phylum: Phoronidia -- Example Structure






            Introduction                                                                                                                            Nematoda