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Index to the Research  of Professor Catherine  O. Acholonu:--

Revelations of the Earliest Language and Writing System



                       INDEX TO African Prehistory

                        Rock Inscriptions/Ogam Translation


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<A words>

 About The Author (C. O. Acholonu)


 Acholonu, Catherine,  #2


 African dwarfs


 Akan Language

 Ashanti Language

<B words>

 Ballintaggert Stone

 Basque-Igbo connection

 Basque Language

 Benedictine Christian monks

 Biblical Genesis

 Biblical Kush

 Bibliography (African Prehistory)

 Black Africa Contributions

 Blameless Ethiopians

 British Isles (Ogam)

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 Catherine Acholonu Research Center

 Celtic Language

 Cille Barra Stone

 Cretan script

 Cross River Monoliths

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Deciphering ogam

<E words>


Egypt & West Africa


Eternal Being (God)

Ethiopia & West Africa

<F words>

Fell, Barry

First People

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<H words>


 Hebrew Bible



 Hindu Kushites


 Holy Bible

 Horse Creek Petroglyph, #2

 Human beginnings

<I words>


Idoma Language

Igala Language

Igbo Column Writing

Igbo Language

  Ijesha (ancient town)

  Ikom monoliths

  Imo River


  Irish Druids

<J words>

<K words>

Kingulbin East # 1086


  Kwa language family

  Kwa (Kwush/Kush

<L words>

Land of Erin

Language of Magic

Lost Nation of Tilmun

<M words>

Monoliths of Cross River State


<N words>

Niger/Congo group of languages

Niger-Congo languages


Nyland, Edo

<O words>


Ogam basic structure

Ogam Cultural Origins

Ogam Deciphering

Ogam / Igbo Dictionary

Ogam Inscriptions: Timeless Philosophy

Ogam Philosophical Language

Ogam Stone Inscriptions

Ogam Writing System   #2

Olaudah Equiano

Olmec civilization, #2

Origin of Languages

Origins of Man


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Planet Gaia

Prince Ajay Prabhakar

Publications (Catherine Acholonu)


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<R words>

<S words>

Saharan Language

Sea People

Stick Writing


Sumer & Igbo Lifestyles

Sumerian, #2

Sunset Ethiopia

<T words>

The Gram Code of African Adam

They Lived Before Adam

The Lost Testament of the Ancestors of Adam


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<V words>

<W words>

West African languages

West Virginia Petroglyph

Who Are The Igbo?,  #2

Wisdom Stone

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<Y words>

Yoruba Language

<Z words>