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This section reveals an Early Language and Writing System



African Prehistory

Rock Inscriptions/Ogam Translation

Catherine Oianuju Acholonu & Erich Fred Legner



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Place of Igbo Language and Ogam Writing in the Origin of Languages

 - Catherine Acholonu Speaks


          The complete three-part series of Catherine Acholonu’s African Adam Research are now out under the titles The Gram Code of African Adam (Book 1), They Lived Before Adam (Book 2), The Lost Testament of the Ancestors of Adam (Book 3).


          Together these books take you through a cultural, linguistic, archaeological, anthropological and spiritual journey to the origins of man; to the lost and forgotten beginnings of human culture, language and civilization; to the first language that Adam spoke; the origins of the Sumerians, the Egyptians, Hindu Kushites (East Indians), Hebrews, Arabs – to the one stop shop of human beginnings in Africa – a little known Pre-historic community in West Africa (known in Egyptian records as Punt/Panchea and in the Hebrew Bible as Eden); a lost city excavated in West Africa by British archaeologist in 1950, turned out to be ancient Heliopolis otherwise called Yebu (Igbo in local language) – a little known people whose ancestors birthed waves and waves of continental and global migrations for several millennia. Read about the true human Odyssey. The history, which is recorded in 1,500 pages of three volumes, is astonishing.  Autographed copies may be obtained from CARC. The books are also available on, Paypal, Ebay and by direct order from the Catherine Acholonu Research Center (CARC) .


         A writing system called Ogam (= Ogham) or "Stick Writing" was used by explorers all over the world for thousands of years.  They left written pectographic inscriptions of their experiences in various parts of the world using this system, which has its most ancient origins in West Africa.  Continue ►



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